The Pool Problem

Growing up, my family belonged to a neighborhood pool. Well, I’m not exactly sure what you call it. It was a private pool; you had to have a membership to use the pool and take advantage of it’s many amenities. But it was near a neighborhood, kids would ride their bikes to the pool, some families would walk to the pool, but yes most drove to the pool. However, the health department still considers it a public space… and I’m sure it’s not so they can regulate it and collect tax money or anything…

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Thanos and Hela, NOT sitting in a tree

OK, stupid post today. Stupid in the sense that it really has no meaning in the real world and only matters to a bunch of characters in a fictional universe, and nerds like myself.

I want to talk about Thanos.

Now, I’ll preface this post with this: I don’t read comics. I have read a comic or two, and even read one of the Green Lantern crossovers (I think it was Darkest Night, but I’m not sure). However, I’m not an avid reader. Do you know how much comics cost? Continue reading

What I Think About Your Language

I don’t care.

First off, I’ve been writing on my tablet lately. Like, with my pen. Like handwriting. Writing by hand. Which is actually kind of a silly phrase because I’m typing with my hands, too. I’m just not holding a pen. It’s not like I’m writing with some sort of automated writing robot, so technically I’m writing manually whether I’m using a pen or a keyboard. Continue reading