Just Because You’re Right, Doesn’t Mean They’re Wrong

When you’re arguing with someone:

Are you trying to say that they are wrong?


Are you just trying to say that you are right?

If you’re trying to say they are wrong, then you must provide evidence. You have to prove they are wrong. You need to know why they are wrong, and be able to convey those reasons to them, or others.

Or else

You’re just trying to say that you are right. You don’t care about reasons and logic. It doesn’t matter what the other person says, what happened, who did it, or why. You just want to be right, and that means something about the other person’s side has to be wrong. And that’s the thing you latch on to. Because if you can get the person to admit they are wrong about that one thing, then technically you are right. And you win.

But is that how you want to win?

-Diggs out

P.S. – short one today. Point made, I think.